Below are some commonly asked questions that may help you before you call us.

  • What happens when I call you?
  • If you call between 8am and 5pm, a receptionist will take some brief information from you and then connect you with one of the Partners. The Partner will make an appointment with you for a free half-hour consultation in our office. We make every effort to offer a same day consultation.

    If you call between 5pm and 8am, please leave us a voicemail, and one of the partners will get back to you to schedule a consultation.

  • What happens in the consultation?
  • The Partner who meets with you will ask you to talk about the events leading up to you being charged or the circumstances of the investigation, if there is no charge yet. The Partner will ask you questions to clarify facts and to ensure that they understand exactly what has happened so far. You will review any paperwork that you have been given by law enforcement during the process of being charged and the Partner will describe for you the court process to give you an overview of what to expect in the coming days. We will also tell you how much the legal fee will be to represent you in your case and the payment terms that the firm accepts. Please note, costs are not included in the legal fee. Costs include expenses paid to a third party like a court reporter, an investigator, or payments for medical records. Everything we discuss is strictly confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

  • Can you promise me that my case will be dismissed?
  • No. No attorney should make promises to you about the outcome of any criminal or traffic case. Attorneys don't control the end result of any criminal case or traffic case. Beware of any attorney who says things like, "don't worry, we'll get this case dismissed" or, "we'll take care of it." Remember the attorney is not the decision maker and does not control the outcome. At our firm, we tell clients the truth, even when it is hard to hear.

  • Do you accept payment plans?
  • We do, but all of our payment plans require that your fee be paid in full before your final court date. Additionally, we require a deposit of half of the amount of your full fee before we will begin work on your case. You will be given your full fee amount during the consultation.

  • How do I know who will be working on my case?
  • Your case will be handled by a partner. Your case will never be passed off to someone with less experience. We make every effort to match you with the partner best suited to your type of case and jurisdiction. We encourage you to meet with several attorneys before making your decision about who to hire. When you meet with an attorney at a firm of multiple attorneys, ask them who will be doing the work on your case and who will be in court with you. Don't be surprised if it is not the attorney sitting in front of you, but another attorney with far less experience than the one meeting with you.

  • My husband/wife/child is charged with a crime and I am accompanying them to the consultation, can I be present during the meeting?
  • Although we make every effort to keep family informed about a client's case (if that is what the client wishes), a client only has the protection. A client only has the protection of attorney client privilege when the communication remains between the attorney and the client alone. Generally, we interview the prospective client first alone and then ask the interested loved one to join the meeting toward the end. The partner will answer as many questions as are possible and permissible.

  • Why should I hire your firm to represent me or my loved one?
  • We handle only criminal and traffic cases. We are not a general practice. Between the four partners, we have 40 years of experience. One is a former Fairfax County Prosecutor. One is a former Fairfax County Public Defender. Two have been in private criminal defense practice for their entire careers. We have represented many different clients on charges where life is the maximum penalty and won not guilty verdicts. Between the four partners, the firm has tried over 100 cases. In short, we have the experience to help you and the ability to see you and your family through one of the most difficult experiences that a family can face together.